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Who Are You?
Know You. Be You. Grow You.

Work with Becca Privately
ProScan® + Mentorship Session

Who Are You?

You must know who you are with 100% clarity to
authentically and successfully build the life of your dreams!

Do you really know yourself as well as you think you do? What if what you think you know is wrong? When you don’t know exactly who you are, you’ll be left wondering and wandering through life with lackluster results, mediocre relationships, and unfulfilled dreams.

This course gives you access to The ProScan® Survey — the most statistically accurate and dynamic personality survey on the planet. Upon completing the survey, you will receive a detailed comprehensive report and a personalized course based on your results taught by personality expert Becca Johnson, MS, CDMP.
Discover your one-of-a-kind personality.

Most personality tests label you as a type, number, or color which is far too narrow and simplistic. You are “one of one.” There’s never been anyone exactly like you and there never will be. The ProScan® stands alone in its capacity to identify the complex multi-dimensional nature of your personality. Believe it or not, your one-of-a-kind ProScan® profile is derived from over 148,000 possible trait combinations! And you can trust your results with absolute certainty. It has been taken by over 5 million people over 40 years with 96% statistical accuracy!
Harness your personality to magnify your impact.

Once you know yourself, you need to BE yourself! Becca will teach you how to BE YOU in every area of life based on your ProScan® Report. As she guides you through your profile, you will feel a newfound sense of dignity and self-respect, understand how to leverage your strengths in everything you do, identify the surest path to your goals, and recognize how to focus your time and energy into the specific actions that will magnify your impact!
Adapt your personality to serve others and achieve more. 

While you should be you most of the time, there will be times when you need to adapt your personality to serve others and accomplish tasks outside of your natural strengths. It will feel unnatural and be uncomfortable, but it will be worth it. Your relationships will flourish, you will achieve more than ever before, and will grow into the kind of person you want to become!

ProScan® + Mentorship with Becca

Gain clarity to successfully move toward the life of your dreams!

What you get in a personal mentorship session:

 3 hours of personal mentorship session with Becca on ZOOM where she illuminates your ProScan® report.
 A 23-page detailed report describing each of the core aspects of your personality.
 Precise measurements displaying how you are functioning RIGHT NOW relative to core elements of your personality.
 The amount of "energy drain" stemming from misalignments between "who you are" and "how you are" in your daily life.
 The size of your energy "gas tank" and how to harness it for "optimal fuel efficiency."
 Your natural "communication style" and how to apply it within relationships.
 Your personal "decision-making style" and how to use it to your advantage.
 Your ideal "leadership style" and how to use it to empower others.
 Your unique motivators and de-motivators
 Your most effective "work style."
 Your current level of "life satisfaction."
 How to stay within your unique productivity "sweet spot."
 Customized strategies to steer you back toward who you were created to be.
 Becca's step-by-step customized mentorship system guiding you through every page of your report in videos.

Take the most statistically reliable survey on the planet and discover what's true and real about who you are, how you are, and what you were uniquely created to do in this world. Join Becca for your personal mentorship session on ZOOM as she walks you through every page of your ProScan® report illuminating what is revealed and giving you the confidence, peace, perspective, and practical tips for moving forward. 

This personalized experience and highly customized mentorship session will equip and empower you with individualized strategies for harnessing your personality, strengths, and skills in order to fast track your growth and performance while relieving stress, optimizing energy, and increasing overall morale.

Know You. Be You. Grow You with
Becca Johnson, MS, CDMP
Becca Johnson, MS, CDMP is a business consultant, entrepreneur, and CEO of Rooted You™. She provides consulting services for aspiring and established entrepreneurs, corporate leadership teams, employees, and CEO’s through virtual and live experiences.

As a Certified DynaMetrics Program Professional (CDMP), Becca uses a research-based personality and performance assessment tool, The PDP ProScan®, to identify a person's innate strengths of personality and real-time functionality within their current life environments. The results from this assessment then provide a highly individualized framework for educating, equipping, and empowering her clients with customized personal growth strategies that maximize their professional performance and personal fulfillment. This trademarked process creates mental and emotional breakthroughs that are then linked with specific practical strategies and tactics to launch people from average to elite and surviving to thriving.

Becca, her husband, and two children currently live in beautiful Meridian, Idaho.