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Unlike most speakers, Becca's goal isn't to simply stir up motivation, 
it's to inspire permanent personal transformation.

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Creating and delivering transformative keynote presentations based on my audience's most relevant needs and desires in a way that propels them into consistent action, performance, and results is my greatest passion.

As an entrepreneur with multiple successful small businesses, I combine decades of experience, stories, and insights with my expertise in behavioral sciences to guide the audience on a journey of discovering, unlocking, and unleashing their personal and professional potential. 

Each individual will experience unique mental and emotional breakthroughs linked to customized strategies that launch their leadership and reignite growth in their business.

Unlike most speakers, my goal isn't to simply stir up some motivation; it's to create permanent personal transformation. Leading the audience on a proven path of discovering who they were created to be it will reveal exactly what they're meant to do and how they can do it in ways that restore joy and purpose-driven profitable activity in their business. And most importantly, I will carefully craft my message to align with the company's culture and mission, so it positively impacts your entire community.

Speaking topics include but are not limited to:
✓ Essence-based leadership.
✓ Who are you and how's that working for you?
✓ The journey of "becoming" in sales and leadership.
✓ Harnessing personality to optimize performance. 
✓ And more

Know You. Be You. Grow You with
Becca Johnson, MS, CDMP
Becca Johnson, MS, CDMP is a business consultant, entrepreneur, and CEO of Rooted You™. She provides consulting services for aspiring and established entrepreneurs, corporate leadership teams, employees, and CEO’s through virtual and live experiences.

As a Certified DynaMetrics Program Professional (CDMP), Becca uses a research-based personality and performance assessment tool, The PDP ProScan®, to identify a person's innate strengths of personality and real-time functionality within their current life environments. The results from this assessment then provide a highly individualized framework for educating, equipping, and empowering her clients with customized personal growth strategies that maximize their professional performance and personal fulfillment. This trademarked process creates mental and emotional breakthroughs that are then linked with specific practical strategies and tactics to launch people from average to elite and surviving to thriving.

Becca, her husband, and two children currently live in beautiful Meridian, Idaho.