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The ProScan® results come packaged in a detailed and comprehensive ProScan® Report which includes measures of personality, decision-making logic, communication style, leadership style, kinetic energy style, motivators and de-motivators. Beyond illuminating who a person naturally is, the assessment also reveals how a person is currently functioning within their work and life. It detects areas of conflict between the natural self and the current demands the person is experiencing while providing precise measurements of how that is impacting stress, energy drain, and performance. The ProScan® Report provides an objective framework for highly customized consultations that equip and empower the client with individualized strategies for harnessing their personality, strengths, and skills in order to fast track growth and performance while relieving stress, optimizing energy, and increasing overall morale.


In addition to ProScan® Reports and consultations with individual team members, Becca can perform a TeamScan®. This assessment compiles data from each individual’s ProScan® to measure the overall strengths of the team. The insights gained, combined with a team consultation, enables team leaders and members to clearly understand and appreciate each other’s personality and strengths while effectively leveraging the right type of work to the right person. It also reveals any potential voids or gaps in overall strengths affecting team performance. This alerts leaders to either hire new team members or to re-allocate specific tasks to current members who are more naturally equipped to excel in each area. Overall, organizations that utilize The TeamScan® experience a stronger healthier team culture from improvements in leadership, communication, conflict-resolution, decision-making, camaraderie, and retention, while simultaneously optimizing time and resource management, which leads to greater bottom line results and revenue.


Recruiting and hiring new team members is one of the most time-consuming and costly areas for any team or business. To overcome this challenge, Becca can perform a JobScan® assessment and report. The knowledge leaders gain from the JobScan® removes frustrations and inefficiencies by attracting and matching the right candidates to the right job. The JobScan® process begins by defining and measuring the strengths and work styles best suited for a job and then creates a report which enables leaders to identify the most ideal candidate. Organizations that utilize the JobScan® attract and hire the right candidates in less time and with more accuracy which decreases turnover, increases retention, and positively impacts the bottom line.

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Becca Johnson, MS, CDMP
Becca Johnson, MS, CDMP is a business consultant, entrepreneur, and CEO of Rooted You™. She provides consulting services for aspiring and established entrepreneurs, corporate leadership teams, employees, and CEO’s through virtual and live experiences.

As a Certified DynaMetrics Program Professional (CDMP), Becca uses a research-based personality and performance assessment tool, The PDP ProScan®, to identify a person's innate strengths of personality and real-time functionality within their current life environments. The results from this assessment then provide a highly individualized framework for educating, equipping, and empowering her clients with customized personal growth strategies that maximize their professional performance and personal fulfillment. This trademarked process creates mental and emotional breakthroughs that are then linked with specific practical strategies and tactics to launch people from average to elite and surviving to thriving.

Becca, her husband, and two children currently live in beautiful Meridian, Idaho.